Michelle Argyris was born May 21st 1988 in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

From an early age, Michelle would find comfort living life in the limelight of many athletic activities from competitive dance to gymnasticscosto per comprimido genuine prandin. She quickly developed a natural talent in cheerleading which lead her to the top of many all star teams:  The York Lions, The Power Cheer Toronto Cobras, and finally on a national scale, representing Team Canada.

“I thank my mom everyday for placing me in all these sports. It has kept me healthy, disciplined, physically fit, and has come in handy for several different acting/modeling projects.”-Michelle Argyris

Her athleticism, along with her physique and positive work ethic, would land Michelle several TV appearances on shows such as “Hellcats”, “Scare-Tactics”, “Get-Out Canada”, “Look-a-like” and  Spike’s hit TV series “Blue Mountain State”. Her face would also become well known in the commercial and print industry, campaigning brands such as McDonalds, AXE Body Spray, Tylenol, Dr. Pepper, TD Bank and graced billboards as the face of NHL’s Alexander Ovechkin’s clothing line.

In 2012, Michelle was offered a starring role as Alex Froschiber in the latest horror-thriller “Devil Seed”.  This would be the role that would prove Michelle’s diversity on screen, and ability to work hard both on and off camera.

“It was a privilege to play Alex since she dove into several characters in one film: the sweet girl next door, a mentally unstable somewhat schizophrenic and finally a fully possessed demon.” – Argyris

With an ever-growing audition demand, and a promising future in the film industry, Michelle has been pro-active in attaining two Honour’s Degrees in French Studies and in the Communication Program at York University. Shortly after she graduated, Michelle started her own promotional staffing-agency called LandmarX Staffing (, and has become an ambassador and co-founder of a smart-phone application called ”DrinkzOnMe”. (

“My passion is acting, but I get a strong sense of achievement from my business-entrepreneurial background. Hopefully one day I can somehow combine the two”- Argyris

With a thirst for business, a passion for acting and a strong athletic background, Argyris continues to pursue her strengths leaving viewers and fans eager to see what she’ll do next. 

“Without hardwork, there is no sense of accomplishment. Set yourself a goal, work towards it, achieve it and then set your next goal… The sky is the limit, don’t cut yourself short of any dreams you may have” -Argyris