New LA Headshots by Kayvon Photography

They say a picture is worth a thousand words…. now what if that translated to a thousand auditions? Wouldn’t that be nice! Having a great headshot is imperative. No matter how much talent you have, you may find it difficult to get into the audition room without a photo that truly represents YOU! Kayvon Photogaphy […]

“Her.” – Short Film

“Her” is en empowering short video starring actress Michelle Argyris promoting freedom of self expression, sharing positive encounters & embodying what makes her “her”. Everyone has unique qualities that create a sense of self. What would your two minute video say? “Her” was put together by a fantastic team Mario Feil (Director), Arthur Oleszczuk (DOP), […]

REITMANS commercial

Actress Michelle Argyris and Maïmouna Traoré  shoot  the REITMANS fall commercial campaign “Fits your beautiful” directed by the fabulous Jonathan Bensimon.    


  New year. New headshots!  Actress Michelle Argyris goes for a new look to start the year off “I get bored, so it’s nice to change my hair color from time to time. I do still prefer it dark brown, but it was time to make a few changes for the new year.” – Michelle […]

Actress Michelle Argyris on EP Daily

For those of you who enjoyed the new internationally released film ‘Devil Seed’ 2012, here is an interview on EP Daily (Electric Playground) as actress Michelle Argyris speaks on behalf on her starring role and reveals some behind the scene details.   Click below to view:   Twitter: (@MichelleArgyris) Facebook:  Instagram: @Michelle_argyris       […]

‘Devil Seed’ New Trailer and Poster

Check out the new trailer:    The Darkness, shot back in the summer of 2010, has finally scored worldwide distribution. The film, now renamed “Devil Seed” is currently being distributed in 17 countries including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, Portugal and 11 others… Next up Imagination Worldwide plans on taking it to Cannes Film festival this coming […]


*** Don’t forget to add me to Twitter:  @MichelleArgyris Some updated news on ‘The Darkness’… The Darkness had it’s first private screening in London in September. The cast and crew were very excited to see the almost finished product. The film is currently 95% finished, and is in it’s final editing stages. Click here to […]


HERE IS THE FULL EPISODE: .. click to play! If it doesn’t work you can see full episode at this link (copy and paste):    SPIKE Dic Pics – Episode 302 Spike Full Episodes Spike Video Clips Spike on Facebook Follow Twitter: @MichelleArgyris BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE PREMIERES A 3RD SEASON Soon to premiere, […]

AXE Body Spray Commercial

Axe anyone? Who said turning on the Juke Box isn’t hot?! Actress Michelle Argyris and international model Adrian Ho shot a commercial for a well known deodorant brand AXE body spray. Michelle was thrilled to partake in the commercial since she’s a fan of the humorous AXE commercials. “Those commercials crack me up.. always so […]


UPDATE: FLIXX TV INTERVIEW.. Check it out!   In June/July 2010, London produced its very first feature film called “The Darkness”- now “Devil Seed”,  which was written, directed and produced by the wonderful and talented Greg Sager.  Devil Seed includes a Canadian cast: Michelle Argyris, Kevin Walker, Vanessa Broze and Shantelle Canzanese. “I worked with many talented […]